Unity3d and VR courses in the 2019-2020 school year

For the third consecutive academic year, courses on the development of games and applications for virtual reality at 51 SU “Elisaveta Bagryana” have started.

This year, the courses will be run again by the project creator Vasil Anastasov, they will be held twice a week because of the great interest shown by the students, with a total of 20 students enrolled at the beginning of the courses.


This year’s virtual reality courses are also closely related to the Zona51 project, students will learn how to develop and present their projects made on Unity3d, and some of the best ideas and applications developed by them will be introduced into the project. The first app developed by the students will be a virtual museum with the works of Vincent Van Gogh, in which the user will be able to enter and view more than 20 of the artist’s works.

In December, 4 pairs of students will be selected who will have the opportunity to present their mini-project at an event, which will be organized at the 51st school. Follow the blog for more information such as date, time, location and more.

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