Samsung Odyssey Windows VR is Now Available Here’s All You Need To Know


Microsoft’s “Windows Mixed Reality” Platform has finally come out and the first batch of Supported VR Headsets are becoming available. The Samsung Odyssey is Microsoft’s first PC VR headset, it’s available right now in several countries, sold via Samsung and Microsoft stores. The $500 VR headset and controllers, are described as the “most immersive,” and is currently the most powerful and most expensive Microsoft VR headset.

Samsung Odyssey Specs and Minimum Requirements

The device is the highest resolution VR Headset in the Windows VR line-up, with a pair of 1,440 × 1,600 displays 90Hz capable OLED displays, with richer colour and contrast ratios than the others in the Windows VR line-up. It’s also the only Windows VR headset with inbuilt headphones and microphone.It’s also equipped with Fresnel lenses which allow for a 110 degree Field of view, which Samsung state is the “widest in currently available on the market”.

The Odyssey, like all Windows VR Headsets includes two front-facing cameras for inside-out tracking, this means you will not need external sensors, beacons or cameras for head and controller tracking, Despite Microsoft calling the Odyssey (and all their other Windows VR Headsets) “Mixed Reality” , there is no pass-through video or augmented reality functionality from the cameras.

Headset Design And Ergonomics

The Headset itself is quite heavy weighing a hefty 644 grams (1.42 pounds) which makes it the heaviest consumer VR Headsets in the market. The cable is 13.1 feet (4 meters) long, and terminates in USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0 plugs.

Software And Platform

The Platform it’s on doesn’t have a lot of software yet as it launched a couple of weeks ago which could be a deal-breaker for some, but with a SteamVR bridge, SteamVR Games and applications should work without any optimisation, however Microsoft says its recommended they are optimised, there is also a Windows 10 Update coming November the 15th, that will optimise VR stability and performance.

What do you think of the Samsung Odyssey Windows VR? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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