Skyrim VR Is Now Out For The PSVR, but Is It Worth Replaying?


Skyrim VR is the first game remade by Bethesda for VR and while Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR are supposed to come out on the 1st of December, Skyrim VR Has come out on the 17th of November at a controversial 60$ price tag for the PSVR only.


Skyrim VR is currently released on the PSVR, which means you will not be able to use mods, and move around by actually moving around in the real world, but at least the hardware in the PS4/PS4 Pro is good enough to run the game with near no delay.The normal PSVR Nausea still presists and you will probably need PS Moves controllers, Especially for control in Skyrim.

But Is It Worth Replaying ?

Of its many ports over the last six years, Skyrim for PSVR marks the first time the game feels fundamentally different from the original release back in 2011. It’s one thing to see the fantasy realm of Tamriel on a fresh 4K display. It’s another to physically look up and see the red moon in a starry sky; to instinctively nod back to greet passing NPCs; to stare down bloodthirsty dragons while charging into battle.


Given Skyrim’s scope and diverse terrain, movement in VR can be tricky at times. You do still have the option of using a normal PS4 Controller, but there’s a nauseating physiological disconnect when using analog sticks to control movement and perspective in VR. Instead, the best way to play is with two PlayStation Move controllers. By default, you hold the left PS Move button, point at a location, and release to instantly teleport to it. Alternately, you can switch to “Direct Movement,” where you tilt the controller in any direction and simply hold the left PS Move button to walk. Your weapons are controlled naturally and while there’s no reasonable way to account for the heft of a sword, it’s hard not to get into character when the pressure is on. Using Magic Feels best as its  just pointing your hand in one direction.


The UI is horrendeus, it’s constantly on your screen but its not a proper hud on your eyes, its a fixed Hud just under your FOV and the issues with the Move being ill-optimized for the menus stand out all the more because each second spent fooling around with items is another second away from being entranced by Tamriel’s sights and sounds.


Skyrim is still the good old Buggy Skyrim, The Old Engine Limitations are even more apparent even than modded skyrim, and While its nice to see the game in VR, it isn’t currently the ideal way to tackle a 50-hour RPG, but this new port proves that it’s a challenge worth pursuing, and shows how breathtaking the results can be.

What do you think of Skyrim VR for the PSVR? Will you try it? Let us know in the comments below!


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