Adobe’s Project Aero Aims to Help Creators Build AR Content!

Abode recently announced a new project called Project Aero that is going to take Abode further into the world of AR/VR!

Project Aero is an AR authoring tool and multi-platform system experiences for  Apple’s ARKit .

In collaboration with Apple and Pixar , Adobe is adding “usdz” to Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services, a file format that is a zero compression, unencrypted zip archive for 3D content search as AR / VR objects. The integration of usdz support was first announced at Apple’s WWDC , which saw the release of ARKit 2.0 .

Users, the company says, want to create AR content using industry standard tools such as Photoshop CC and Dimension CC, and then “convert into usdz that can not be consumed in the ecosystem,” writes CTO Abhay Parasnis in an  Adobe blog post.

Essentially, Adobe is taking a step into the future, dominated by 3D game engines, as well as Unreal and Unity , which was able to create a 3D-focused business.

To show off what’s possible with Project Aero, Adobe has partnered with 15 artists for  Festival Of The Impossible , a three-day immersive art exhibition in San Francisco!

Project Aero is now in early access, and is now available by request-only.




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