Apple Shows Off New iOS12 AR Features at WWDC

This week we had the annual WWDC Apple conference, where Apple unveiled MacOS Mojave, New AppleTV features, iOS12 ,but the thing that really interests us are the improvements to the already surprisingly great AR on IPhones in the form of the ARKit 2.0 .

As it seems Apple is pushing its AR skills heavily in iOS 12, with a new the new generation of the ARKit introducing a new multiplayer mode for AR games and a feature that allows for virtual objects to be placed in an area and stay in place. The new generation ARKit also comes with improvements to face tracking, object detection and allows for more realistic rendering.

The multiplayer mode seems self explanatory as it  will allow two or more people to share data to see the same object or play the same game within a virtual environment which might not seem like a big thing, but in reality is a really impressive feature.

My favourite showcase of the ARKit unveiling was the Lego showcase in which they showed off how the new ARKit can be used to combine  physical and digital worlds. Basically in the demo they scanned a Lego set, which unlocked a digital overlay which allows to drop in characters, cars and hell even more Lego sets. There was also a hint of more gameplay as bubbles appeared over characters and objects which suggests that you can interact with them in some way.

Also as a part of the expansive AR updates Apple revealed a new app called Measure, which allows you to.. well measure things via lines that you draw in AR.

What did you think of WWDC? Did you watch it Live? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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