Gaming – does it help or not for our generation?

Gaming – does it help or not for our generation?

Doubt there is a gamer or a parent of a gamer, who saw and made an analyze of the benefits of the video games, that needs to be convinced in the benefits in gaming.

The current article is a Part one of the series that are for the topic. It is meant to convince or to at least provide the necessary information on the topic for people who are sceptic – parents, teachers and other people who are negative towards video games.

I am deeply convinced that gaming is helping our development.

In internet and the media there are plenty of articles based on research by accomplished respectable specialist from universities, which are showing the benefits of video games. Results and segments of those articles will be available in the upcoming articles. Now I will show you my observations and arguments regarding the topic:

I. In the middle of a game, the processes which most gamers do, including me are more than 5.
1. We play and we execute a certain task, while we follow a screen, which is split in minimum three parts.
2. We follow the game for ours and for the enemies team and we additionally follow the gameplay of certain players at the same time.
3. We chat, we give and receive instructions, we communicate and in most of the cases it is in more than two different languages.
4. We talk over voice chat – again it is often on multiple languages.
5. We record our self live on our camera and microphone (stream) and we also watch other gamers as well.
6. We follow up with comments and we answer them during the gameplay

A normal gamer makes 150 movements in a minute (3 in a second) and a pro gamer does around 10 in a second (600 in a minute)
Average time of human reaction is 250 milliseconds /0.25 seconds/, average time of a gamer reaction is 160 milliseconds /0.16 seconds/

II. The games that a gamer play and explore are between 2 and 30 a year.
III. The time a gamer spends on a game is between 50 and 1200 hours a year, depending of the interest.
IV. The games are various in multiple genres /action, strategies, simulators and others/ and they develop different abilities.
V. A gaming hardware is a very expensive highly functional machines and each gamer knows them well.

In conclusion I would like to note that a person who spends time on video games (gamer), unlikely of other people that don’t, has the following advantages:

– Can easily perform multiple tasks /process/ while working or studying.
– Easily overcomes communicative barriers.
– Learns faster different kind of complicated software products;
– Can create international friendships with ease;
– The time for reaction and speed in computer, phone, tablet or others in that type of working environment is better;
– Technically is well aware of the computer and devices characteristics;

In the next topics there will be presented more data and segments to the articles of the respectable specialist.

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