Began a course in Vr and Unity 3d for students in 51 SU.

Began a course in Vr and Unity 3d for students in 51 SU.

Today we started an experimental free course for begginer enthusiasts, who will get familiar with the most popular software for making video games – Unity 3d.

During the course the students will make a virtual room with minimal functionalities and will have the opurtunity to test what they have made with the HTC Vive (VR glasses)

The groups will be split in two – for students from 5th up to 7th grade and for students from 7th up to 12th grade.

The course will be lead from students from 51 SU, who are participents in the international school project for creating a virtual reality game. The students are : Vasil, Aleksander and Kaloyan.

For the purpouse of the course the school administration of 51 SOU offers the two cabinets, which are equiped with the most mwodern technology for Virtual Reality.

Every student of 51 SU can sign up for the course at the princible substitude Mrs Vasileva.

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