Project “Zone 51”

The Zone 51 project is a long-term virtualization project for the 51st school Elisaveta Bagryana, with short-term projects on various topics. On the idea of Vasil Anastasov /Main Developer of the project/

Virtual and augmented reality projects combine a variety of different activities related to computers, technologies and various softwares.

This project collects future specialists in areas such as: Computer Design and Artists, 3D Modeling, Animation, Application Developers, Software, Hardware, and more. Computer skills such as 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop,Unity, Drawing Programs, and more are required.

Our ambition is to make the school a virtual world where you can meet friends, show your own ideas and explore the school. (Started at 21.10.2017)

  1. Stage one. Modeling and texturing.
  2. Stage two. Add functionalities – Refer to external sources, activate animations, videos, text files, and more.
  3. Stage three. Multiple multiple people can simultaneously view.
  4. Stage four. Add Chat (Writing and Voice Chat) that can be used by users who use the app. 
  5. Stage five. Add option to select a character. 
  6. Stage six. Stepping a hero. 

Through the project, we hope to create a community of future, current and former 51st grade students who have interests and / or experience in the field of modern technology, virtual and augmented reality.

Due to the great desire for the VR project and the launch of the cources with 8th grade, the rooms made so far by the team will be provided to the students, as well as samples of them will learn and present themselves. The idea is that they will be included in the project together with the final results of their training.

Part (Element) of the Zone 51 project is this blog, the goal of which is both to show the progress of the project and to provide information on all new developments in the field of virtual and added reality. There is also a resource section on the blog that will add 3D patterns, textures, 360 panoramas, and more.