Vasil Anastasov

About me. 
Hello everybody my name is Vasil Anastasov (Nickname: MaxGamer Z or in short Max) I am 17 years old student in 51 SU “Elisaveta Bagryana”. I am the founder of the project and blog “Zona51”. My hobbies are to watch anime, read manga, play video games, game development  and I LOVE music. Games I play are CS:GO, WoW, LoL etc. Top Anime: Tokyo Ghoul, The seven deadly sins, Death Note etc. Best manga for now is Death Note.

VR A&B The Lab:

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Professional Skills.

I am Unity Certified Developer. Other skills of mine are; Game Management; Game Design; VR/AR Development.

My certificates:

Unity Certified Developer Certificate
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Time line.

  • 2016. In the end I started learning about VR and Unity3d

  • 2017. In the end of the year I started the school project Zona51, which is a school project for VR Education, virtualisation of 51st school and creation of fun VR learning environment for which there are no borders.

  • 2018. At the half of the year I started to teach other students of Unity3d and VR.

  • 2018. On October 5th I became Unity Certified Developer.

  • 2019. Started working as Main Game Developer at VR A&B

Projects I am working on right now. 

Zone51 – VR Project for fun and easy education and learning at school. For the creation of the project I am teaching other students how to work with Unity3d and VR./Founder, CEO, Unity3d Teacher, Main developer/ I also made 3 interviews one on the national media BTV, TV Europe and another one on BNT

Time Warrior Z – My first indie VR Game. You can find more info about the game on /Main developer, Marketing/

Finished Projects.

A Maze In – International VR Project between 4 counties for the creation of a VR Escape Room. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. /Main developer and manager for the Bulgarian Team/

VRAB House Configurator – My first VR App. Where you can fully customize different modular homes. /Main developer/

Several Business VR Presentations

Member in

VRARA – VR / AR Association

IGDA – International Game Developers Association

You can find me on my social media. Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

Events I’ve been to:

RebootDevelopBlue 2019
Me and Hidetaka Miyazaki /Creator of Dark Souls & Sekiro/
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National Forum for Inovations in the Education
Meeting the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev
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