Vasil Anastasov

About me. 
Hello everybody my name is Vasil Anastasov (Nickname: MaxVRAB or in short Max) I am 17 years old student in 51 SU “Elisaveta Bagryana”. I am the founder of the project and blog “Zona51”. I am also a developer in 2 companies, VR A&B and Expo VR. VR A&B is a company whose activity is the production and publication of video games. And the activity of Expo VR is the creation of exhibitions and other solutions for advertising products and businesses. My hobbies are to watch anime, read manga, play video games, game development  and I LOVE music. Games I play are CS:GO, WoW, Albion Online etc. Top Anime: Tokyo Ghoul, The seven deadly sins, Death Note etc. Best manga for now is Death Note.

VR A&B The Lab:

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Professional Skills.

I am Unity Certified Developer. Other skills of mine are; Game Management; Game Design; VR/AR Development.

My certificates:

51st School
Certificate of Attendance for Tutoring Unity3d & VR at 51st school through 2018-1019
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Time line.

  • 2016. In the end I started learning about VR and Unity3d

  • 2017. In the end of the year I started the school project Zona51, which is a school project for VR Education, virtualisation of 51st school and creation of fun VR learning environment for which there are no borders.

  • 2018. At the half of the year I started to teach other students of Unity3d and VR.

  • 2018. On October 5th I became Unity Certified Developer.

  • 2019. Started working as Main Game Developer at VR A&B

  • 2020. Released our second game WWII: Rising

  • 2020. Started working as Manager and Developer at Expo VR.

Projects I am working on right now. 

Zone51 – VR Project for fun and easy education and learning at school. For the creation of the project I am teaching other students how to work with Unity3d and VR./Founder, CEO, Unity3d Teacher, Main developer/ I also made 3 interviews one on the national media BTV, TV Europe and another one on BNT

Time Warrior Z – My first indie VR Game. You can find more info about the game on /Main developer, Marketing/

Finished Projects.

A Maze In – International VR Project between 4 counties for the creation of a VR Escape Room. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. /Main developer and manager for the Bulgarian Team/

VRAB House Configurator – My first VR App. Where you can fully customize different modular homes. /Main developer/

Several Business VR Presentations

Member in

VRARA – VR / AR Association

IGDA – International Game Developers Association

You can find me on my social media. Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

Events I’ve been to:

RebootDevelopBlue 2019
Me and Hidetaka Miyazaki /Creator of Dark Souls & Sekiro/
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National Forum for Inovations in the Education
Meeting the Minister of eductaion Mr. Krasimir Vylchev
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